Scott Travels the World

Hello, my name is Scott Sanderon and I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. I am quite limited in my ability to walk and have to rely on a mobility scooter to travel any distance.

My wife and I very much enjoy travelling and exploring foreign parts. I purchased a Luggie Scooter three and a half years ago and have used it extensively both at home and overseas.

So far our trips with the scooter have included New Zealand, America and our last trip to Hong Kong, London, Bruges and Paris.

The Luggie has been reliable, easy to handle with fantastic range and capable of travelling on all sorts of terrain.

It is easy to fold up to put on airplanes and is easy to handle in the wheeled carry bag I bought. You can tragel with it on airplanes at no extra charge.

Although I was able to buy a spare battery in London, I would also recommend taking a spare battery. I carried it under the seat to greatly increase my range when exploring Paris.

With the Lithium-ion battery the scooter is light enough to be folded and lifted and put into motor vehicles, especially taxis.

I would also recommend the optional wheeled carry bag, which makes it easier to handle once folded and also protects the scooter from any rough handling at airports.


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